Farm & Crop


Farming is important to our community, and keeps the country fed. Each farm or ranch is unique, and we will help tailor property and liability coverage on a farm and ranch policy to fit your situation.


Whether it’s a federal Multi Peril Crop Insurance plan or a Crop Hail insurance policy we can help answer your questions so you can sleep easier.

Home & Auto


Whether you own your own home, or rent an apartment, we can help find a Homeowners policy to give you peace of mind.


There is a wide variety of vehicles on the road, and whether it is for a classic car used once a year, or your daily commuter, we will help answer your questions for auto insurance, and help find a policy to fit your situation.


A personal or farm umbrella policy will help protect the assets you have worked a lifetime to build, providing protection above underlying policy limits at a very affordable price.

Life & Health


Life Insurance is a proactive way to financially protect the dreams of your loved ones. Let us help you find the best values in term life insurance, answer questions, identify important issues, and help you select a product that fits your need and budget.

  • Term Life
  • Whole Life
  • Universal Life
  • Youth Life
  • Group Life


We know how personal Health Insurance decisions can be. We can help guide you to the Health Insurance options available, so you feel confident in your decisions for the coverage you need.

  • Individual Health
  • Medicare Supplements
  • Group Health
  • Short Term Medical


Don’t forget the importance of your teeth and eyes as part of your overall well-being, which often is not a part of your medical insurance or Medicare.  Let us help find a plan that will make you feel good about taking care of you and your family’s needs.

Long Term Care

Modern medicine is allowing us to live longer; however, with this, the chance of needing assistance with daily activities at some point in your life has never been higher.  Protect your land or assets with a Long Term Care policy to help cover these costs that can consume a lifetime of savings quickly.


Your income is what helps you fund the life you have and your dreams to come. Here in North Dakota we have a reputation of obtaining that income through hard work. Disability Income insurance is there to help maintain that income when unexpected illness or injury keeps you from working.


Having the right tool for the job is what makes everything possible. Annuities can be a great tool for steady, guaranteed income in retirement.



Whether it’s for a Business Owners Policy, Commercial Property Package, or just for Business Auto, we can help navigate the coverage options and simplify the process to help cover the risks your operation has.


Notary Bonds and Fidelity Bonds through CNA Surety. Limited type of Surety Bonds also available.



Let us help make covering your boat easy so you can get on the water with peace of mind.


Don’t assume you have coverage under your other insurance policies for your snowmobile. A snowmobile policy can help cover costs if you injure another person or cause damage to their property as well as covering damage to the sled with comprehensive and collision coverage.


Whether it’s used for fun or as a residence, we can help find the coverage you’re looking for to fit your unique situation with your trailer or motor home.


With a wide variety of motorcycles and all terrain vehicles available, we can help make sure you have the coverage you are looking for.

Additional Products

ID Theft Protection

Our new digital age can be a scary place when it comes to protecting your private information. Have a plan in place to help catch fraud earlier, reimburse lost funds, and a team to assist in making things right if someone steals your information.


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